Roger Marshall is the Managing Director of Persimmon Capital Limited, an investment management and advisory firm that he founded in 1999 specialising in private equity and venture capital.

Roger has been an angel investor for the last 15 years, founding and becoming Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Business Angel Network. He is now an adviser to emerging businesses and the non-executive director of a number of companies. Over the course of his career he has specialised in businesses within the food industry, predominantly in Shanghai and China.

Based in Hong Kong since 1992, he was Managing Director of ABN AMRO Capital in Asia from 1999 to 2009 and was an Executive Director of the Crosby group, during which time he sat on the investment committees of funds investing in Thailand, Indonesia and China. Roger has been involved in private equity industry affairs for the last 15 years as Chairman (2002) and President (2003-2005) of the Hong Kong Venture Capital Association.

Roger acts as an ambassador for UWS in Hong Kong, connecting us to potential partners.