Charley Boorman is a modern-day adventurer, travel writer and entertainer. His charismatic “let’s just do it” approach to challenges has won him over to a massive TV and literary audience.

Passionate about education and being an active global citizen, Charley supports a number of fantastic causes and charities, including UNICEF, Movember and Dyslexia Action. Charley is a Global Ambassador for UWS: raising awareness, developing our public profile and supporting our campaigns.

After a trip to Cambodia to see UWS’ work in remote villages there, Charley started a campaign to build, support and develop a school in Tae Le village. Now up and running, the school has given hundreds of children in Tae Le a chance to access education.

'Through all our adventures, we believe in enjoying the world but giving something back at the same time' - Charley Boorman, 2009.