We were very excited to be able to speak at World Education Week about transition and sustainability.

The event was hosted by UWS Global Programmes Director Peter Campling and we had a series of engaging speakers including…

Sitha Nan – UWS Cambodia Country Director

Nim Porleak - UWS Jongra School Headteacher

Pisey Soy -  UWS Cambodia Communications Officer

Hannah-May Wilson – Director of Strategy & Partnerships at Education Partnerships Group (EPG)

During the live event, we presented our transition model from Jongra School that was one of the first schools to be transitioned to a self-run UWS Legacy School, supported by the local community and the government. First opened in 2014, UWS Jongra school has been running successfully for 7 years and has proven itself to be ready for UWS legacy school status.

The speakers discussed what transition is, how to prepare schools and the steps taken to ensure the schools are not negatively impacted by the process. Local people offered their perspectives on the impact of the school on the students and broader community, and their feelings about their new status as a UWS Legacy School. 

If you missed this event then check out the video we showcased from Jongra School below!

Booking for this event has now closed.