Meet the teacher raising awareness about covid-19

Tulashi is a community teacher in Nepal. She told us about the effects of Nepal’s strict lockdown on her community and how she is taking an active role in supporting families. Read more

The Chief bringing education to his village

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Transforming lives Kalleri village, Nepal

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From student to teacher

In 2010, Bopha began attending UWS Tien School. Ten years later, she has now returned as a teaching assistant. Read more

Where It All Began...

With nearly 150 schools open across Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal, we're reflecting on how far we've come since our first school opened in each of these locations. Read more

Meet the team: UWS Community Teacher

Despite having no learning resources or electricity, Rochom was determined to give the children of his village an education. Today he works at a UWS school, teaching over 100 students. Read more


Our Education Officers play an important part in developing our UWS Schools. We like to think of them as our everyday superheroes, and could not do what we do without them. Read more

I want to be a teacher

Nar La is part of the Palaung tribe, one of the poorest groups in Myanmar, and dreams of becoming a teacher. Read more

Meet the team: UWS Library Officer

"My favourite part of the job is decorating and preparing the libraries to help to actively engage the students." Read more