UN Sustainable Development Goals: Our Role

Find out how our work is addressing 8 of the UN Sustainable Goals, all of which are urgent calls for action. Read more

Experiencing UWS Cambodia with ConCultures

Our German partner, ConCultures, runs a volunteering project in Cambodia once a year. One of the group reflects on his experience in 2016. Read more

Dubai College visit UWS Nepal

In February 2019, representatives from Dubai College visited Nepal to see our work first-hand. Read their reflections on village life, the power of Lego, and the impact of education on rural communities. Read more

International Women's Day 2019: Photo Diary

We're celebrating the females attending our schools, teaching lessons, and working behind the scenes to give more children access to education. Read more

Female Education: Removing Barriers to Girls' Education

Across Nepal, gender remains a major barrier to education. Find out how our new programme is tackling barriers to girls' education. Read more

A day in the life of a UWS Student

Find out what a typical school day is like for one of our Cambodian students. Read more

Introducing our new partner, Recruitment Juice

Our juicy new partnership with Recruitment Juice has got off to a flying start. Here’s to an inspiring first month of support, and many more to come... Read more

Our Commitment to Quality Teaching

Teachers are one of the most powerful forces for quality and equity in education globally. At UWS, we place great value on our teachers and prioritise the quality of our teaching. Read more

Celebrating our supporters

We are reflecting on the UWS supporters who have helped us reach over 20,000 children through education. Read more

Celebrating Dashain in Nepal

Across Nepal, many of our students, teachers and team have been celebrating the Hindu festival of Dashain. UWS Nepal Education Director, Avinash Jha, shared some information about the festival. Read more

Ending Child Marriage: The Power of Girls' Education

Each year, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18, violating their human rights and trapping them in a cycle of poverty. However, education is one of the most powerful tools to enable girls to avoid child marriage. Read more

South Hampstead High School visit Cambodia

UK Partner School, South Hampstead High, raised £22,000 to support UWS O Trael School. In July, two students visited Cambodia to witness the impact of their donation. Read more