Regions of Cambodia 

Developing Schools

The very first UWS school opened in Korng Nork village, Ratanakiri Province, in 2008. Since then we have developed over 100 schools and we continue to grow. 

Teaching the Unreached

The communities that we work with are remote, meaning children struggle to access government schools. UWS develop schools within villages to provide education for all. We only work where children would have no other opportunity to attend school.

Working Alongside Local Communities

Because Cambodia's indigenous communities often speak their own dialect, UWS trains local teachers who can teach in children's mother tongue. The schools are built by the community in the heart of their villages and are managed by their own local governing bodies, trained by UWS staff. Critically, mothers are invited to the school to build confidence and participate in the school activities as much as possible. We only work where the community wants a school, and where village leaders and parents are committed to its success.

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