Map of Myanmar regionsDEVELOPING SCHOOLS

UWS has been operating in Myanmar since 2013. Having initially developed five schools in the Pekon Township of Shan State, in 2015 UWS expanded to our second hub in the Tachileik Township of Eastern Shan. Both regions are home to many different ethnic groups who live in dispersed communities, far removed from basic infrastructure. Many speak only indigenous languages, and widespread stigmatisation of minority groups has left villages isolated and in poverty.


As the communities we work with are incredibly remote,  children struggle to access government schools. For many, the nearest school is a 4-5 hour walk through dense jungle. Many of the indigenous groups we work with are marginalised and under-represented, and children may be excluded from government schools as they do not speak the national language. UWS develops schools within marginalised communities to provide education for all.


Because many indigenous groups have their own language and dialect, UWS trains local community members to be teachers. The schools are built by the community in the heart of their villages, and are managed by their own local governing body, supported by trained UWS staff.

To achieve our aims, we work in partnership with national and local government, in a way that aligns with our mission, vision, values and principles. UWS has met with the Minister of Education for the Shan State, who has endorsed our work and given us the license to operate. 

Meet our teachers in Myanmar