Globally, children miss 272 million days of school every year due to sanitation-related illnesses. We want to change this.

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We know that in order to learn to the best of their abilities, our students need to be healthy and fit. That’s why we run complementary sanitation and hygiene programmes in our schools. These support all the children who attend our schools, as well as the wider community. 

School hygiene programmes have the power to:



Clean water sources

When we build a school, we also provide a clean water source for the whole community to use. 

Children in rural communities often have to walk far to reach water sources. This water can be unclean and cause illness. UWS students have easy access to safe water, meaning they have more time to focus on school and are healthy to learn.

Left: Students collecting clean water at UWS Kaeng Ngai School, Cambodia.ERROR



Bathrooms and hand-washing facilities

Alongside a clean water source, we build latrines and hand-washing facilities at all of our schools.

These latrines ensure a healthy environment, preventing the spread of disease and illnesses. This means our schools remain safe, clean places to learn.

Left: Bathroom sinks at UWS Par Tong Palong School, Myanmar


Hygiene education

We teach our students basic skills, like teeth-brushing and hand-washing. Students share this with their families, contributing to the health of the entire community. 

We also provide our students in Myanmar with hygiene kits that contain toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and much more. By supporting UWS, you can fund essential programmes like these and help keep even more children in school. 

Left: Teeth-brushing at UWS Baga School, Nepal


Find out more about our campaign to fund hygiene kits for all our Burmese students.

Donating £25 can provide hygiene kits for an entire classroom.