The village of Hang Svart in located in the Stung Treng Province of Northeastern Cambodia. The village is home to over 150 families from the Lao tribe who speak their own indigenous language. Only a few parents in the village speak the national language of Khmer, and even fewer are able to read or write.

The community survives off subsistence farming and every family member has a role to play. It is not uncommon to see children working in the fields with parents, or taking care of siblings and housework. With no clean water source in the village, and no medical facility within reach, the community has struggled with high rates of infant and maternal mortality.

The community had previously built a school but it was unsafe, and parents were unwilling to send children. Barely literate themselves, teachers were untrained and attendance was irregular from both students and staff.

The introduction of a UWS School in July 2016 has changed the future prospects of the entire village. Alongside a completely new school we have also built a safe water source and toilets. In 2018, over 130 students attend the school and 3 local adults have been trained and employed as teachers. With a basic education, the children of Hang Svart are gaining the tools they need to give themselves, and their families, a happier and safer future.

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