Swaraj, 7

UWS Helu Besi School, Eastern Nepal

Swaraj attends UWS Helu Besi School in Eastern Nepal. Helu Besi community is located in the Himalayan foothills, an area of great beauty and great poverty. A four hour walk from the nearest town, Helu Besi's residents survive entirely from farming, and Swaraj's mother works hard to support her family by farming rice and tending to livestock.

Swaraj’s day begins with a trip into the nearby forest to collect fodder and firewood to use for cooking. As his mother leaves the house early to work in the fields, Swaraj prepares breakfast for his siblings. He looks forward to going to school each day, as he is an ambitious student.

Swaraj has high hopes for his future and believes that education will provide him with the tools he needs to become a doctor. Once he has a career, he would like to help support his mother, as his father died when he was young. An education has given Swaraj the chance to dream of a better future.     

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