Sandar Win teaches Kindergarten and Grade Two classes at UWS Law San She School in Myanmar. She plays an important role within the school as she is bilingual, speaking the Myanmar national language, Burmese, as well as the community’s indigenous dialect, Lahu. Sandar translates the national curriculum into a language the youngest children at the school can understand, while working with them to help them learn Burmese. During the school holidays, Sandar also leads a summer school class to help children improve their language skills. She says she feels accomplished when her students start to speak Burmese.

Sandar struggles with her English and she finds the pronunciation difficult. When UWS Education Officers visit the school, they help Sandar with her English skills, supporting her professional development. As English is part of the Burmese national curriculum, improving her understanding will help Sandar progress in her teaching career. 

Sandar Win is particularly proud that, over the last academic year, the dropout rate at her school reduced to zero. She hopes to continue to encourage children to stay in school and learn the skills they need to succeed.

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