The village of La Muey is located in the Ratanakiri province of Cambodia. Unable to read, write or count, and surviving as subsistence farmers, this remote community were desperate to build a better life for their children. However, far away from the nearest schools and unable to speak the national language, they had little hope. The community resorted to using a derelict building as a makeshift school. With no trained teachers, no books and no learning resources, the community were in need of support. 

In 2018, UWS La Muey School was built, using the funds raised from our 2017 Gala Dinner. Today over 180 children attend the school in the heart of their village, where they are taught in their own language. They are also learning Khmer, the Cambodian national language, so they have a pathway to secondary school and job opportunities other than farming. The school also has a kindergarten next door, meaning older students can attend school without the burden of looking after their younger siblings, and the youngest children in the community are receiving an education from an early age. 

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