As we enter 2020, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2019 and share a few of our highlights from the past year and our plans for the next 12 months. 

Community Learning Sites

In 2019, we expanded the UWS model with the establishment of 39 Community Learning Sites in Myanmar. These are smaller than our usual schools, and are set up in existing community buildings. This means we can work with smaller communities in a cost-effective way, so we can reach even more children in remote regions. 

Supporting teachers

We're proud to invest in people. In 2019, we've employed and trained almost 400 community teachers across our schools. These teachers speak the same language as the students attending our schools, removing a key barrier to education for ethnic-minority children.This has been complemented by our fellowship model in Nepal, which places ambitious and talented Nepali graduates into our schools.

100 schools in Cambodia

Last month, we opened our 100th school in Cambodia. This means that, since 2009, over 34,000 children have now had the opportunity to go to a UWS community school and learn to read, write and count. 

Next year, we're looking forward to

Developing more schools

and seeing children like Komrey and Somrey go to school. We have plans in place to reach 8,000 more out-of-school children across remote regions of Myanmar, Cambodia and Nepal, as we continue to establish new schools and community learning sites in all three countries.

Committing to sustainability and long term impact

including working closely with governments to continue to transition our well-established schools into the national education system in each country. This will help us with our long term sustainability as an organisation as well as supporting system change and improvement in the education sectors in which we operate.

Transforming lives together

and continuing to work with our network of amazing teams, supporters, funders, partner schools and corporate partners. It's inspiring to be working with you all. Together, we are UWS! 

 Happy New Year from all of us at United World Schools!

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