The village of Takok Charai is located in Northern Cambodia, and this community was one of the first we partnered with. Seeing the success of other UWS schools in the region, leaders from the Takok Charai village reached out to us expressing their wish for a school for their children. As the community speak an indigenous language, they had always been excluded from government education which is taught in the Cambodian national language, Khmer.

Since the school opened in 2010, the community has been committed to its success. Three members of the village have trained as teachers, allowing children to learn in their mother tongue. Parents and local leaders meet every three weeks to discuss the progress of the school and work to overcome any problems preventing children from attending school. 

In 2018, the community and the UWS building team worked together to enhance the school facilities. They built new play equipment and constructed a shaded pavilion in the playground for students to use during break time. UWS Takok Charai is truly a local project, and one that will remain to benefit all future generations of the community. 

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Cambodian family in rural community