Meet Pasang

Pasang Chiring Sherpa lives in Mude village in the Sankhuwasabha region of Nepal. Before UWS Mude School was built, Pasang didn’t have the opportunity to attend school and he spent his days working hard to support his single mother, cleaning the house, collecting firewood and preparing meals.

Since the opening of UWS Mude School, Pasang has aspirations of becoming an engineer. Although he is still busy helping his mother around the home, he is now thriving in Grade 4 and is particularly enjoying Science lessons. He is also enjoying having the opportunity to improve his language skills in daily English lessons. As an only child, Pasang wants to be able to look after his mother and wants to make her proud. He is very determined to achieve his goals. As well as lessons at UWS Mude School, Pasang enjoys playing football and games of Kabaddi with his friends.

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