We're delighted to introduce our new corporate partner, Recruitment Juice , who have invented a clever way to combine their vision of education with ours.

At UWS, education runs through everything we do. That’s why we’re so proud to be supported by Recruitment Juice, an organisation that shares the same values, ideals and attitudes. Helping people achieve their goals, learn new things, and be their best selves is what gets our friends at Recruitment Juice up in the morning. It is hard to imagine a more fitting partnership.

Since November, Recruitment Juice have been coming up with creative ways they can help fundraise for UWS. In little more than a month, they’ve seen the incredible things you can achieve when everyone is pushing towards a goal they really care about: teaching the unreached, together.

Stepping up to the charity challenge

The Recruitment Juice November Charity Challenge saw the entire company get behind UWS in their own unique ways. Claire went plastic free for a month, Jackie ran 50km, and Ginny resisted chocolate, cakes and biscuits.

One of the team, Jules, even paired up with a client to run the distance of four marathons in November. They raised almost £500, an indication of their incredible dedication to UWS’s work in remote, marginalised communities of Cambodia.

In total, more than ten of the Recruitment Juice team set up their own sponsorship pages and rallied friends, family and colleagues who were willing to help. Together, they raised more than £1,750 in just 30 days.

But at Recruitment Juice, the challenge also sparked a bigger conversation about sacrificing the things we all take for granted, and how could they could support United World Schools even more in the future.

A classroom at UWS Pea School in Cambodia, partnered with Recruitment Juice

A rewarding partnership for the future

Our inspiring partner Recruitment Juice provides training and development to people in the recruitment sector. Their online platform is designed to incentivise, motivate and engage people.

And what could be better than combining the education of their clients with the education for UWS students? That’s why Recruitment Juice have recently launched a Rewards Centre feature on their platform – a way for people to earn points for completing training, which can then be turned into donations towards UWS!

In our first two weeks alone, Recruitment Juice managed to accrue an astounding 86 days of schooling for children at UWS Pea School in Cambodia. This will not only have an incredible impact on children who would otherwise have no access to education, but it will go on to transform the lives of entire communities across generations.

Combining small sacrifices for something bigger

The start of our relationship with Recruitment Juice has proven that small steps can become something greater than
the sum of their parts. Just as a single day of education can begin to shift a child’s prospects, a month’s hard work and
small sacrifices can grow into something much more significant, and very special.

We couldn’t be happier to be working with Recruitment Juice, and we know they feel the same. It’s the start of what we hope is a long, fantastic partnership.

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