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We are all adapting to new circumstances, but this does not mean that learning has to stop! Many of us are probably reflecting on the importance of school right now. It sounds like a silly question, but what exactly makes a school a school, and what exactly does school mean to us? 

It is not just the physical structure, the four walls of a classroom or the tables and chairs. For a school to come to life we need well trained teachers, students, appropriate learning resources and classroom materials, books in the library and of course, toys and a playground! 

If we were to ask our students what they like most about coming to school, their answers would include: 

  • Seeing friends
  • Playing in the playground
  • Learning new things
  • Being cared for by teachers
  • Doing activities like sports and music

We ask this same question to students in our partner schools, and guess what? They say pretty much the same things! Schools form the fabric of our communities - and, beyond academics, often support children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Now more than ever we can all recognise the importance of going to school and getting an education. 

Setting up a brand new school where there has previously been none is challenging - we invite you to consider the steps we have to think about before we build a new school. Take part in the 6 week UWS #stayathome Global Citizenship Challenge and help us to plan, design and fund a hypothetical new school. We challenge you to write letters to the government, plan speeches, draw designs and produce budgets over the course of the next 6 weeks to help us teach the unreached. 

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