UWS supporters ConCultures, based in Germany, arrange fundraising and volunteering trips for international students. In March, they visited Cambodia where they visited two UWS Schools, Chop Pring and La Meuy. Here they tell us about their amazing trip.

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Happy dirty feet and a bright starry sky!

Both UWS Schools, Chop Pring and La Meuy, had recently been built and our volunteers were the first to show up. At the moment of arrival, we felt as excited as the UWS children crowding around to wave hello. Although their way of living seems so far away from ours, we immediately felt connected to the Cambodian students. 

Looking into a bright starry night at the end of a day full of joy, happiness, endless enthusiasm and energy - teaching, playing theatre, dancing, singing and swimming in the river - we entered our hammocks with dirty feet, totally exhausted but so happy. This happiness created an enormous power in all of us, we will never forget this experience. We are very glad that the local teachers now use some of the games we played with the students in our workshops in regular classes and in after-school activities.

Many thanks to our friends in the UWS team for supporting us on our fifth Volunteer-Project in Cambodia!

“I personally was very touched to get so close to the mothers who we danced with and who regularly visited our workshops”
Amelie von Borries, ConCultures

To be part of something so big and important like the work of UWS, but at the same time being so privileged to choose my own way of living – this is something I became aware of, being here in the villages amongst the children laughing and dancing.“
Svea Straßburger, Volunteer 2018 

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ConCultures operate one volunteer project a year to support UWS in Cambodia. The next project dates are September 30th to October 21st 2019 and applications are open to international students age 16 and older.