We often talk about the power of people when it comes to transforming lives through education. People are our biggest strength on the road to reaching 50,000 lives, and our most valuable resource. We would not have been able to open our 100th UWS School in Hurpa Village without the support of volunteers, the local community, our dedicated team, or our incredible supporters around the world.

It’s people that make United World Schools happen

This week we are handing the UWS Blog baton over to Jessica, a student from * United World Colleges*, to tell us why she decided to shave her head to raise money for United World Schools:

Taking the Short Cut for Charity

“I decided to shave my head for United World Schools because it helps in the battle for kids. I believe that access to unbiased education for all children is a human right, the biggest promise for peace and strongest hope for a sustainable future.

I have always had access to an education, but it took me a while to fully appreciate it. As I entered the world I realised how nurturing a place I had come from and how brilliant my teachers had been. As I entered the world I saw teachers who were blind to students’ disabilities and left them behind, whole education systems founded on a student’s ability to memorise, classes where sometimes the teachers couldn’t be bothered to turn up and a student’s learning ability was hindered because the textbook was outdated and moth eaten.

How lucky I am, to be able to bike for no more than 20 minutes to get to my open minded and IB focused international school, to be able to apply for jobs and travel the world and have faith in myself because I am educated and have motivation.

Education is fought for by NGOs and charities all over the world, but UWS is one of my favourites because of how thorough it is in ensuring overall, unbiased education, free from corruption that this world seems to have far too much of.

I supported it with my head shave and will continue to support it in any way possible, and hope that others do the same, and help to use education as a force to achieve peace and a sustainable future.”

Jessica raised £1,135.07 by shaving her head for UWS and received our Champion of Change Award. We would like to say a huge thank you to her and to everyone who donated to her campaign for their support.

Download our UWS_Fundraising_Kit.pdf to discover ways to fundraise for UWS