Send a UWS gift card to your loved ones, and help transform lives this Christmas 

How does it work?

Thank you Christmas card

1. Choose from one of our incredible gifts below - from helping children go back to school safely after lockdown, to keeping them in school for an entire year. 

2. Confirm your donation gift amount at checkout. Under 'Leave a comment with your donation', write the address where you'd like us to send the gift card, and your personalised message

3. Afterwards, you will receive an email which you can use to download an e-card, or make any changes to your personalised message or address.

4. We'll send your life-changing 'Thank you' gift card to your chosen address! 

Please note, cards ordered after 18th December will arrive after Christmas Day, but you will receive an e-card immediately on purchase. 

Choose a gift:

Give PPE

£15 could provide pens, paper, PPE and more for 3 children

Girl with toy

£20 could give a child the chance to go to school for a term 

children in school

£45 could give a child the chance to go to school for 6 months 

£85 could give a child the chance to go to school for an entire year

What does a gift card support? 

One of our gift cards will fund everything a child needs to succeed, including: 

  • PPE and training for teachers to help bring children back to school safely after the lockdown
  • Resources to help children learn, including stationery, textbooks and interactive learning resources 
  • Libraries full of inspiring books to help children develop a love of literacy
  • Local teachers, trained to provide a high-quality education
  • Clean water and bathrooms, ensuring children are fit and healthy to learn

A basic education will bring opportunity for decades to come. Education improves health and reduces disease. Education helps to ensure the safety of girls and the survival of infants. Education equals the growth of an economy, the development of a country and the future of its communities.

Give the life-changing gift of education