We are asking YOU to #pulla180 by doing any activity they like; from running 180k, or baking 180 cupcakes, to doing 180 dance moves on TikTok. Nothing is too simple or too wacky. 


The 180 Challenge is inspired by the story of 6-year-old Amir who before Covid-19 had to walk for 180 minutes to and from school every single day: that’s three hours of clambering up steep hills and through dense vegetation, with the risk of landslides during the monsoon. United World Schools is working hard to build and develop schools closer to children like Amir so education is more accessible. In his region of Nepal, less than a third of the population completes primary school, keeping children in remote and marginalized communities trapped in a preventable cycle of poverty and illiteracy. 


We need you to get involved and #pulla180 to help us get children an education they deserve! 

Don't forget to post your 180 challenge, nominate a friend & donate!