What We Do


United World Schools:

  • builds networks of community-based primary schools to provide free education for poor and destitute children in developing and war-torn regions of the world
  • provides a flexible education model that is simple yet effective in the most remote regions where there is no provision of education for children
  • works in full partnership with local community leaders – seeking the support of district authorities and the agreement of national governments
  • ensures that the grassroot educational programmes are locally anchored, protecting indigenous languages, cultures and customs
  • develops schools that teach the national curriculum in addition to introducing appropriate, innovative and complementary vocational skills
  • trains teachers from within the community and is committed to the continual education and mentoring of local UWS teachers and local management teams
  • pairs schools in developed countries to build partnerships with UWS community schools ensuring long term sustainability
  • empowers the youth of today with a sense of global responsibility and understanding of the circumstances of children elsewhere in the world

UWS does all of this through the active commitment, dedication and support of  partners and volunteers across the globe.

Cambodian ethnic minority children we are providing an education for

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