Partner Schools

Partner Schools are aligned to and believe in the UWS mission, and have committed to action. Each partnership is bespoke and designed around what partner schools need and what they can offer.

For more information on school partnership see Partner your school, or if you are a company looking to sponsor a UWS school see Partner your organisation.

Our Newest Partner Schools

Since September we have welcomed a number of new partners:

  • Manchester High School for Girls;
  • Morpeth School;
  • Thorpe St Andrew School;
  • Aberlour Primary School;
  • St Hild and St Bede College Durham University;
  • Amnuay Silpa School, Thailand;
  • Dame Alice Owen’s School;
  • The Buckingham school;
  • The Falcons School for Girls;
  • The Godolphin and Latymer School;
  • Westbourne House;
  • Bancroft’s School;
  • Passmores Academy;
  • South Hampstead High School;
  • CATS College Cambridge
  • St Joseph’s RC High School in Newport;
  • Gold creek School, Australia;
  • Burnt Mill Academy;
  • Nottingham University;
  • Staatlichen Gymnasiums Holzkirchen;
  • McClure Middle School;
  • Oasis Academy Mayfield;
  • St Georges Luxembourg


Our Partner Schools

The British School in Tokyo, Japan

The British School in Tokyo (BST) is one of our partner schools. To link with their 25 year anniversary celebrations in 2014, BST are partnered with UWS Dor School, built in 2014.

Buckingham School, UK

Buckingham School is a co-educational secondary school in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

We are delighted to announce that The Buckingham School is now partnered with UWS Mae Yay School in Myanmar. The school will have an assembly in the Autumn Term on the new partnership, and some students are considering applying to come for gap years in one of our long term volunteer placements.

Burnt Mill Academy, UK

Burnt Mill Academy is an inclusive co-educational comprehensive school in Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom. As a Performing Arts College, it has particular strengths in the arts. Ofsted’s inspection in 2013 rated Burnt Mill as Outstanding.

We are delighted that Burnt Mill Academy is now partnered with UWS Kaeng Ngai School in Cambodia, which opened in 2015. We thank Burnt Mill Academy for its generosity and hard work in sponsoring this school.

CJD International School Braunschweig-Wolfsburg, Germany

From December 2015 we are delighted to welcome our newest school partner; CJD International School Braunschweig-Wolfsburg.

The school has joined with a number of other UWS school partners in supporting our network school in Myanmar, UWS Kaung Whatt. We look forward to working with them to provide education to this remote community.

Churcher’s College School, UK

Churcher’s College School is a co-educational independent school in Petersfield, Hampshire. Churcher’s College School has been partnered with UWS Mude school in Nepal since this year. They are looking after the school since it became a new school.

Dulwich Singapore

The College opened in August 2014 and caters for students from 2-13 years old, and will continue to grow into a full Senior School.

Dulwich College London is at the core of the Dulwich College International (DCI), a family of international schools, to which Dulwich College Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Seoul, Zhuhai all belong.

We are delighted to welcome Dulwich College Singapore as a new partner for the 2015/16 academic year. The school will visit in the forthcoming year and are raising enough to build a new school.

UWS Cambodia has empowered our students to take part in something that is real… they see the difference they make, and take pride in it. Jon Cooper

Red Maids’ School Bristol, Jong Partner School

The Falcons School for Girls, UK

The Falcons School for Girls is a preparatory school located in Putney, London. Often cited as the most creative preparatory school in London,it offers a friendly setting in which children are allowed to blossom and thrive.

The school’s strong sense of community is formed by the close bond between staff, parents and girls. This allows Falcons to work towards the Alpha Plus Gold Standard in education.

Falcons School for Girls has taken on the running costs of UWS Hang Savart (Stung Treng), which opened in July 2016 as UWS’ 38th operational school in Cambodia.


Full Circle Classrooms, Massachusetts

Full Circle Classrooms is a not-for-profit learning collaborative located on a horse farm and 11 acres of woods on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Learning is project-based, with an emphasis on global collaborations, a connection with nature, and an emergent curriculum based on students’ passions.  We pride ourselves in embracing a neurodiverse population of students, changing the question “How Smart Are You?” to “How Are You Smart?”

German Swiss International School, Hong Kong

German Swiss International School (GSIS) is one of our partner schools, partnered with UWS Rock School. GSIS have visited Cambodia and the UWS schools and have a large student group actively involved in the partnership.

Haileybury Almaty, Kazakhstan

Haileybury Almaty is based in Kazakhstan and is partnered with UWS Chan Tuk School (to be constructed in 2015) based in Stung Treng Province, Cambodia.

The senior leadership team and their colleagues at Haileybury Almaty believe passionately in supporting student voice and the students’ desire to help other children less fortunate than themselves. They also believe that students need a balanced curriculum within an international setting to be successful in higher education and the workplace.

The partnership with UWS therefore seeks to enrich students’ educational experiences and to support the aim to be fundamentally a happy and purposeful international-minded school, providing an ethical and moral environment that promotes respect, teamwork, and leadership.

The Harrodian School, UK

The Harrodian School is an independent day school in Barnes, south-west London. Founded in 1993, the Harrodian School has grown from a small school of 65 pupils to their current intake of 282 pupils as of September 2014.

In 2014 the Harrodian School were partnered with UWS Kuang Whatt school in Myanmar. The school kindly gave a portion of the money raised during their Christmas appeal to UWS.

King’s School Canterbury, UK

The King’s School is a British co-educational independent school for both day and boarding pupils, situated within Canterbury cathedral. It is believed to be the oldest continuously operating school in the world, having been founded in AD 597.

This year, the King’s School Canterbury will take on the running costs of the brand new UWS Gufa School in Nepal.

Kings Education, UK and USA

Kings Education is an international education groupwhich operates colleges in the UK and USA. Kings specialises in English language courses and pathways programmes for international students intent on university study in the UK or USA. The cohort at Kings is made up of students from over 80 countries.

Portsmouth Grammar School, UK

Portsmouth Grammar School (PGS) is one of our partner schools, partnered with UWS Chai Thom. The roots to this partnership were planted in 2010 when teachers from PGS visited the village Chai Thom and disregarded its remote location as a barrier to provide a school for the children.

To learn more about PGS, please read the PGS Case Study.

“The UWS partnership has provided a unique opportunity for the boys to have experiences they just wouldn’t get elsewhere”

Teacher and Project Coordinator, Royal Grammar School Guildford

“The teaching and engagement of pupils is fabulous and it is wonderful to see the school in action”. Alexandra Cross

CAS Coordinator, Portsmouth Grammar School, Chai Thom Partner School

Red Maids’ School, UK

Red Maids’ School in Bristol is one of our partner schools, partnered with UWS Jong School. Teachers from the school have visited Cambodia and they have sponsored the building and sustaining of Jong School in Ratanakiri. The student-led committee are fully committed to the sustainable development of Jong School.

For more on their innovative and highly effective approach to the UWS school partnership, please read the Red Maids’ Case Study.

Renaissance College, Hong Kong

Renaissance College (RC) is one of our partner schools. UWS visited Renaissance College in 2010 and spoke to students and staff as part of the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) programme.

RC are partnered with UWS Padol School, and initiated their first UWS project in 2011.

Royal Grammar School, UK

The Royal Grammar School, commonly known as the RGS, is a selective English independent day school for boys in Guildford, Surrey.

RGS is partnered with UWS Tiem Kram School, Cambodia, a partnership dating back to 2009. This makes RGS one of UWS’ first Partner Schools.

“The UWS partnership has provided a unique opportunity for the boys to have experiences they just wouldn’t get elsewhere” – RGS Guildford Teacher and Project Coordinator.

RGS students visited in Summer 2013, and again in Summer 2015, and the school is currently planning their next visit in 2017.

Sevenoaks School, UK

Sevenoaks School is a co-educational day and boarding school for students aged 11 to 18. Sevenoaks is proud to be partnered with UWS Spong School since 2016.


St Joseph’s Institution International, Singapore

SJI International provides a Lasallian education with a distinct emphasis on supporting others through concern for the poor and social justice. SJI International is in the process of setting up a UWS School in the northern Cambodia village of Koh Chreum. They are seeking to develop sustainable programmes across both their High School and Elementary School based on a long-term relationship, which will have a real and lasting impact to serve ‘the last, the lost and the least


St Christopher’s School in Bahrain

St Christopher’s School in Bahrain is an international school offering a British curriculum.

St Christopher’s Primary School has been partnered with UWS Ka Narng Ket School in Cambodia since 2014. In 2015, St Christopher’s Secondary School partnered with UWS Gurase school in Nepal.

St George's school logo

St George’s School, Luxembourg

St George’s is an inclusive, vibrant international community of approximately 750 students aged from 3 years to 18+ years, representing over 50 different nationalities. Our well-resourced environment enables us to offer a challenging and caring programme that caters to the individual strengths of our students.

“The student council, ignited by personal passion and a need to give something back to the world, researched various avenues. Since they all cared deeply about promoting education and recognised the need in Cambodia, they are delighted to help UWS in their efforts to build and develop a school in Sway village for 200 children.” Gerry Rafferty

Headteacher, St Louis School, Milan

St Joseph’s RC High School, UK

St Joseph’s RC High School is an 11-18 Catholic comprehensive school serving the city of Newport in South Wales and its wider environs. There are currently 1450 students on roll with 280 in the sixth form.

St. Louis School, Italy

The St. Louis School of Milan is a private international school catering for 900 pupils from 2 to 18 years old. St Louis school is an International Baccalaureate world school based in the centre of Milan, Italy. The curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum with the option of an Italian stream for children fluent in Italian.

The school is undertaking many projects for EXPO MILANO 2015 including working with UWS through their partnership with UWS Sway School.

Tollgate Teaching Alliance, UK

Tollgate is a Teaching School that leads an alliance of 30 schools across 7 London Boroughs. This gives us huge strength and capacity in teaching and learning and leadership to support other schools. We are a centre of excellence that hosts national and international visitors to share knowledge and best practice. Tollgate is also an Initial Teacher Training Centre that trains 45 teachers a year.

Atlantic College, UK

Atlantic College (AC) is a partner school, partnered with UWS Takok Phnong.

The founding college of a global education movement, UWC Atlantic College is an international residential school based in the UK. There is a long standing relationship with AC that starts with Chris Howarth, UWS founder & director, being part of the alumni, and working with current students from AC.

UWC Li Po Chun, Hong Kong

UWC Li Po Chun is one of our partner schools, partnered with UWS Tien School.

Following lectures and tutorials on UWS, there have been numerous visits to Cambodia by their students to work with UWS and other NGOs. The students have founded an anti-human trafficking group, called Traffick Link, who actively support UWS. Read more about UWC Li Po Chun’s volunteering and fundraising here.

Westcliff High School for Girls, UK

Westcliff High School for Girls (WHSG) is one of our partner schools.  WHSG, based in Southend, Essex, is partnered with UWS Takok Phnong School in Ratanakiri, Cambodia. Student leaders from WHSG coordinate the partnership.

Winsor Primary School, UK

Winsor Primary School is a happy, vibrant school  at the heart of a culturally diverse community in Beckton, East London.

West Island School, Hong Kong

West Island School is established in the best traditions of the English Schools Foundation (ESF) to provide excellence in the education of students from eleven to eighteen years of age who want an English medium education.

The school has an outstanding record of academic attainment and personal enrichment. Strength from Diversity: Inspiring Students to become responsible Global Citizens

Witham Hall, UK

Witham Hall is a co-educational independent boarding and day school situated in Lincolnshire, England.

We are delighted to welcome Witham Hall School as a new partner for the 2015/16 academic year. Witham Hall are raising enough to build a new school.

“Excited to be part of the UWS project – we always look forward to visiting the school!” Sharon Vipond

Hong Kong International School, Kah Partner School

Join us. Partner Your School

Partner Schools are aligned to and believe in the UWS mission, and commit to action with us.

Each partnership is bespoke and designed around what Partner Schools need and what they have to offer. In many of our Partner Schools UWS forms a key part of International Baccalaureate studies, or the opportunity for students to get involved with our Global Citizenship badge scheme.

If your school is interested in supporting our work in this way, please get in touch via [email protected]. For more information on school partnership see Partner your school, or if you are a company looking to sponsor a UWS school see Partner your organisation.