Where’s Wally? On his way to Cambodia!

We all know that schools are hubs of creativity. This month we heard about two innovations where UWS Partner Schools saw a hurdle and found a suitably impressive solution.

This December two teachers and a student from Dulwich College (Singapore) visited their UWS School in Cambodia. They happened to bring with them a copy of the very popular children’s book, ‘Where’s Wally’. The book is largely language neutral and soon became a favourite among the children in their village. Realising some of the images might not be appropriate for primary children in a rural setting, the teachers have committed to create something along the same lines for their UWS School. The book is still in development and after a trial we look forward to the possibility of rolling it out across all our schools.

Churcher’s College were desperate to communicate with their Partner School, UWS Mude in Eastern Nepal. With the lack of any power, let alone WiFi, in their partner community there looked to be no opportunity to make contact. Churcher’s College have responded by sending a collection of photos depicting their school and student life to UWS Mude. These photos were shared with the community and caused much laughter as well as further questions about life in the UK. The opportunity for students in UWS Mude to see what life was like in their partner school allowed us to complete the loop and create a much stronger partnership.

If you have an innovative idea then please do get in touch!