Touching Lives

United World Schools Changes Lives.

At age 9, Pros had never been to school and spoke his own tribal language. Living on the banks of the Se San River, his family responsibility is to look after his younger brothers and sisters and tend the water buffalo. UWS completed a school in his village in 2014. Pros is now an active learner and can read and write in Khmer. He is bi-lingual, continues to look after the buffalo and takes his younger siblings to school with him.

Jon is a teacher at Red Maids’ School, a UWS Partner. Led by Jon, the school and staff at Red Maids’ are deeply commited to the UWS partnership. Jon helped run projects in the indigenous villages of NE Cambodia, living in the community for several weeks. Jon initiated the project to fund a new school in the region. Students from Red Maids’ school now visit “their” school and lead similar educational activities, generating cultural exchange and understanding.


Children from UWS schools talk about their experiences

Pong Soung, Commune Chief, Rock, Cambodia, discussed how UWS is helping build a better future


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