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United World Schools Changes Lives.

At age 9, Pros had never been to school and spoke his own tribal language. Living on the banks of the Se San River, his family responsibility is to look after his younger brothers and sisters and tend the water buffalo. UWS completed a school in his village in 2009. Pros is now an active learner and can already read and write in Khmer. He is bi-lingual, continues to look after the buffalo and takes his younger siblings to school with him.

Manin started her life on the Phnom Penh rubbish dump. Here she foraged to exist, eating what she found and selling plastic and cans for re-cycling. An orphan, she joined Centre of Children’s Happiness, a UWS Partner School, where she was recognised as a child with exceptional ability. UWS obtained a scholarship for her to continue her education at the Independent School of Phnom Penh. At 17 she secured a place at Atlantic College in the UK, another UWS Partner School. Manin has since gone on to university in the USA, and plans to return to Cambodia as a qualified Doctor.

Evan was a USA bomber pilot in the Vietnam War. He was instructed to bomb Ratanakiri, part of the Ho Chi Minh trail. After the war he returned to USA and was a successful rancher in Texas. His life was to change after members of his family were tragically killed when their aircraft crashed in Colorado. Hugely influenced by this, he returned to Ratanakiri, seeking ways to help the indigenous communities in the remote areas. He met the founder of UWS, Chris Howarth, and visited UWS villages and schools. He has now become a major UWS donor enabling 7 schools to be constructed.

Jon is a teacher at Red Maids’ School, a UWS Partner. Led by Jon, the school and staff at Red Maids’ are deeply commited to the UWS partnership. Jon helped run projects in the indigenous villages of NE Cambodia, living in the community for several weeks. Jon initiated the project to fund a new school in the region. Students from Red Maids’ are now planning on a visit to “their” school and lead similar educational activities, generating cultural exchange and understanding.

Sheena is a Project Manager at A&N Media in London, UWS’ first major corporate sponsor. Sheena was involved with various fund raising activities to raise enough money to build a school in Ol’ Tuch, Cambodia. Along with a colleague, Sheena subsequently visited the school that A&N Media had funded as well as a number of the other UWS schools, spending lots of time with the children and actively participating in classes. Sheena remains an ardent UWS supporter and is now preparing the ground for the next batch of A&N employees who will visit their corporately adopted UWS School.


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