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What educational opportunities are offered at a UWS school?

United World Schools provides the chance to read and write and count to children who, for whatever reason, have been denied access to education.Chai Thom School, Cambodia

In doing so, we seek to break the cycles of poverty that exist in the communities we work. Therefore our schools target the skills, knowledge and attributes that will equip young people with the life skills essential for the development of them, their families and their communities.

Lessons focus on essential learning tools (such as literacy, oral expression, numeracy and problem solving) and basic learning content (such as knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes) required by young people to succeed in the communities where they live.

Specifically, this means:

  • The ability to understand, communicate and use printed text in the most widely used local language
  • The ability to count, sort, decode and perform simple comparisons of different values
  • The problem solving, team work, leadership, creative and vocational skills that provide a passport to meaningful employment within the local context
  • Or, perhaps more simply, a student at a UWS school will be writing, talking, thinking, comparing, making and, crucially, will achieve success in these areas.

The long-term goal is for UWS community schools to become fully integrated into the education Maths and Numeracy being developed - a basic life skillsystem of the country.

UWS maintains close relationships with the education ministry to create exit strategies for transferring the schools to the government ministry when appropriate. Therefore lessons are aligned, wherever possible, with the regional or national curriculum of that locality.



Sol Ternh, Village Chief, Padol, Cambodia, describes how UWS is helping build a better future.


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