We love your fundraising ideas…

We are so lucky to work with such imaginative and inventive partners. Below are just a few of the fundraising ideas that have run this term as well as the top ten tips for UWS fundraising:

  • Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong: Created fantastic wristbands to support their UWS School, Tien.
  • Witham Hall: Put the students in charge by giving £5 to every student and asking them to use it over the course of the term to raise as much money for their partner school, Kiri Bah Ler, as possible. I look forward to seeing what great new business ideas emerge.
  • Hild and Bede, Durham: Picked UWS as their charity partner for their upcoming fashion show. The event is themed ‘Sustainability’ and promises to display some beautiful creations, with all the profits from the show going directly to the UWS school Ol Tuch, in Cambodia.
  • CEG: The central office at CEG went all out this year to raise money for their partner school, Sa Mor Krau. Activities have included a Zumba lesson, cake bake and a ‘Dress in UWS Orange Day’.

Our top Ten fundraising ideas are:

  1. Group challenge: A number of schools have run large group challenges which all students could take part in and get sponsorship for. One school did a combined marathon with each student running only a small part as well as having a few very keen runners doing impressive distances.
  2. Just Giving pages. Launching a Just Giving page allows students to access funds from friends and family. This has helped to produce really clear recognition of achievements as well as promoting competition
  3. Selling school or UWS branded items: We have had people selling UWS themed bangles, wristbands and hoodies in their school
  4. Offering recognition: One school made a model of their UWS School out of 30 wooden blocks. You could buy one of the blocks for £20 and have your name written on it. The blocks were displayed near the front of the schools reception
  5. Running special events: Two of the most popular have been running a fashion show and singing competition where people pay to watch and enter
  6. Regular events: One school did a weekly cake sale after lunch which raised a lot of money and many others have instituted a termly non-uniform day.
  7. Exerting challenges: Getting a few students to collect sponsorship for doing something safe but very challenging like a ‘tough mudder’, abseil or sky dive.
  8. Themed activities: We found one of the biggest sellers this year was for students to sell roses for Valentine’s Day. Another great themed activity is to hold a ‘Cambodia Day’ in your school, where pupils eat rice for the day and give anything extra which they would have spent on lunch to their UWS partner school.
  9. Cinema nights: Lots of school have put films on and charged for popcorn and a seat
  10. Auction:  Students bring in prizes from home or local businesses and then auction them off to the highest bidder.


Let Jack Clark ([email protected]) know if you are doing something creative or if you would like any other fundraising ideas.