Volunteer Profile: Sheena Pabari

As part of our corporate partnership with DMG Media, Sheena (an IT Project Manager for DMG Media currently seconded to DMG Information) has been heavily involved with UWS.

Sheena has been an active member of the DMG Media Technology charity committee and has helped to organise various fundraising efforts, such as a charity raffle, a flight auction, a games day and a bake off (of which the winners were some Guinness chocolate cupcakes!). As well as hosting these specific fundraisers, Sheena and her colleagues have also collected loose change at departmental social events.

In addition, Sheena was one of two DMG Media employees given the opportunity to visit a number of the UWS schools in Cambodia in February 2012. She has described the trip as an amazing opportunity and “a fantastic experience”, which allowed her to see where the funds raised by DMG Media were, and still are, making an impact.

The trip also made Sheena aware of the extreme remoteness of the areas UWS works in. Getting from place to place was difficult, but some local people have to make such journeys regularly in order to access resources. For these people, the facilities UWS is putting in place (such as wells and water pumps) are significantly improving everyday life.

Currently based in the US, Sheena continues to be involved with UWS in various ways. She donates her valuable time and skills to us through pro bono work, which includes writing newsletters and helping with our digital communications.

You can read more about Sheena’s adventures at http://anincambodia.travellerspoint.com

Thank you, Sheena!

Sheena And Nicky in a boat on the Sesan river

Sheena And Nicky in a boat on the Sesan river