Volunteer Profile: Charlotte Pooler

Charlotte first heard about UWS through family friend and long-term supporter Vicky Unwin, who is trying to establish UWS in Singapore, where she lives. Vicky’s influence led Charlotte’s parents to be passionate supporters of the cause. After hearing about the organization and the progress made across the countries, Charlotte wanted to get involved and support the expansion of UWS.

As a result, Charlotte is ‘lending a hand to the pump’ as CEO Tim Howarth so wonderfully put it with a voluntary communications internship with UWS, working alongside the rest of the UK team.

“For me, the progress and success of UWS, since just 2008, is astounding and only attributable to the clear vision and fierce determination of the organization, which attracted me and made me want to help.”

Having lived in Oman in her teens, Charlotte saw first-hand the importance of education in remote and impoverished villages, away from the wealth and development of the capital city. “It always struck me seeing hordes of young children run down the wadis to pile onto a dusty bus to school.”

Charlotte is about to start her final year studying English Literature at Durham University. After graduating next year, she plans to go to South East Asia and teach with a TEFL qualification she gained this summer, following her passion for education and travel. She wants to end her travels with some visits to the UWS schools and have a different experience of teaching there.

After that, she’ll return to the UK and a Masters in International Development, but when she’s back at Durham this year she’ll work on promoting UWS as a candidate for university partnership and future fundraising activities as well as individual fundraising herself.

“UWS has given me absolutely invaluable experience and provided an outlet for my passions for education, travel and international development. I’m very grateful to be involved with such a great charity.”

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