Volunteer Profile: Bella Busby

Bella (right) with Leak, from the UWS Cambodia team

Bella (right) with Leak, from the UWS Cambodia team

 “In October 2011, my boyfriend and I decided to leave our fast paced life in London for a six month adventure in Cambodia, South East Asia. Neither of us had worked in a school before, but we both had transferable skills that could be put to good use. What mattered was that we had the time, drive and the want to help children less fortunate.”

Bella Busby, UWS Volunteer

Integrating with Local Communities

Bella’s experience of volunteering with UWS demonstrates the kind of long-­‐term commitment that we believe can really make an impact on the remote, marginalised communities we work with.

The UWS model of educational provision means we consult local people and work with their vision for education in their communities. Volunteers like Bella are an important part of this, as they help to carry out learning activities and build relationships both inside and outside of the classroom.

Ongoing Development and Support

For Bella, the impact that UWS has is not only shown in the way our community schools are built, but through the people who build them. UWS aims to promote cross-­cultural links and does so by bringing people together from all over the world to create sustainable change where it is needed most. It is this sense of global awareness -­ partly nurtured by volunteering experiences such as Bella’s -­ that is at the centre of what we do.

Now back in the UK, Bella is continuing to support UWS by committing to long-­‐term, sustained volunteering. This involves helping us with fundraising and ideas for our website.

Bella Busby, UWS Volunteer“Once we got going we turned into a real team, came up with amazing ideas, action plans, and used different skills to cope with most situations. Above all, we shared a desire to help and improve the education of the children in all the community schools that we visited.”
Bella Busby, UWS Volunteer

Thank you Bella!