UWS Takok Phnong School, Cambodia

Opened in 2010, UWS Takok Phnong School serves families in the Oyadao region of Ratanakiri, Cambodia. Since then, the school has been well supported thanks to the pupils and staff of UWC Atlantic College, UK.

UWS Takok Phnong School continues to be an outstanding success and an example to other schools, with a fourth classroom built recently. The school currently benefits from two community teachers, one trained government teacher and a strong School Support Committee made up of village members. The enthusiasm of Mr Lun and Mr Ven, the local teachers, helps the school to thrive.

The quality of teaching and learning at UWS Takok Phnong School is good. Attendance is strong, with over 150 pupils in lessons on some days. In the coming year, we are hoping to pilot basic literacy and numeracy tests to monitor pupil progress.

While these are all positive developments, there remains more to be done. Plans for the upcoming year include building a toilet block, improving sports facilities and updating library resources. We will be equipping all students with their own UWS school bag, containing an exercise book, basic stationery and crayons for drawing. Other requirements include a new on-site teacher house and a water supply from the river, as it has proved impossible to dig a well on the land.

As we go into 2014/15, we’re looking forward to working with UWC Atlantic College to support this community further. Here’s to another year!

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UWS Takok Phnong School Specific Improvement Priorities, 2014/15

The school budget for 2014/15 is $9,000.

All figures shown are in US $.

  • On-site teacher house – $3,000
  • Toilet block – $1,500
  • Pump system for water supply from the river – $1,000
  • Individual schools bags and stationery @ $2 per student – $500

UWS needs you!

UWS depends on the kind support of partners like UWC Atlantic College and we would love it if you’d join us in our mission to teach the unreached.

If you’re interested in supporting our work, please get in touch via [email protected].

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Rafting a motorbike across a flooded road Takok Phnong Cambodia

Rafting a motorbike across a flooded road Takok Phnong Cambodia