UWS Som School, Cambodia

UWS Som School was built in 2014. Set on the banks of a beautiful river, it is an excellent place to visit. Som village has already enjoyed a visit from UWS Chairman, Chris Outram, as well as a successful 4-day education project supported by students from UWC Atlantic College.

UWS Som School opened for lessons in October 2014. The school has three classrooms, solar power, a teacher house and toilets. Plans are in place to build a new well in the dry season, to create a reliable and safe water supply for the Som community.

In its first years, our key priority for UWS Som School is to continue embedding the school within the wider village community. This means supporting families to develop the habit of attending school and making the school facilities as well resourced as possible. We will be equipping all students with their own UWS school bag, containing an exercise book, basic stationery and crayons for drawing.

Som School construction is supported by friends and family of Len Cruickshank

By engaging his family, friends and contacts, since 2014 Len Cruickshank has raised over £10,000 to sponsor the building of UWS Som School. An amazing effort. Many thanks to everyone involved!

If you are interested in following Len’s example and supporting our work in this way, please get in touch via [email protected].

Latest videos from Som

In this video UWS COO Tim Howarth talks about some of the practical difficulties in literally reaching the unreached in Som village in the wet and dry seasons.

UWS Som School Specific Improvement Priorities, 2014/15

The school budget for 2014/15 is $8,000.

All figures shown are in US $.

  • Community well – $2,000
  • Teaching resources and learning equipment – $2,000
  • Ongoing teacher support, development and training – $1,000
  • Individual school bags and stationery @ $2 per student – $500

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