UWS Pea School, Cambodia

When we talk about the difference UWS makes, what we’re talking about is building a functioning school.

In the village of Pea in the Ratanakiri province of Cambodia there was a government school, but it was completely falling down and no one was paying the teachers (who didn’t speak the local language) and it wasn’t maintained. It wasn’t functional.

In 2014 we built UWS Pea school, a fully functioning school for up to 200 children which serves the village of Pea.

The school is partnered with Cotton House, Eton.

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UWS needs you!

UWS depends on the kind support of partners and we would love it if you’d join us in our mission to teach the unreached.

If you’re interested in supporting our work, please get in touch via [email protected].

For more information on school partnership see Partner your school, if you are a company looking to sponsor a UWS school see Partner your organisation, or you can make a donation to support our work.

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