UWS Ol Tuch School, Cambodia

Since 2012, UWS Ol Tuch School has served families of the Tampoun tribe in the Lumphat region of Ratanakiri. Thanks to a corporate partnership with DMG Media, the school was built with good facilities from the outset.

Currently, the school has one trained teacher, two community teachers and four classrooms. Due to excellent teacher morale, the school has strong attendance figures, with over 130 children regularly attending lessons. Chris Outram, UWS Chairman, visited the school on a Sunday and enjoyed the singing, activities and community spirit.

UWS Ol Tuch School is a unique part of the UWS family as the teacher, Chantha, has made the school very much a home. It never closes and children are always welcome to visit the library and self-learning centre. The surrounding lands grow maize, pumpkin and other crops. For the new school year, Chantha’s wife will be employed as librarian.

Today, UWS Ol Tuch School is supported by four of our Partner Schools:

In 2014/15, we plan to improve library facilities and solar power at UWS Ol Tuch School, as well as providing new classroom resources and ongoing teacher training. We will be equipping all students with their own UWS school bag, containing an exercise book, basic stationery and crayons for drawing. Plans also include pilot schemes for literacy and numeracy assessment.

Here’s to another year!

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UWS Ol Tuch School Specific Improvement Priorities, 2014/15

The school budget for 2014/15 is $8,000.

All figures shown are in US $.

  • School platform repairs – $1,500
  • Updated teaching resources and learning equipment – $2,000
  • Improved library resources – $500
  • Employing librarian – $500
  • Ongoing teacher support, development and training – $1,000
  • Individual schools bags and stationery @ $2 per student – $500

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