UWS Mae Yay School, Myanmar

Why Mae Yay?

“If there is a more beautiful setting for a school I have yet to see it. MaeYay is extremely remote, being a 2 hour 4×4 journey followed by a one hour moto ride away from Phekhong. The mountain scenery is spectacular but this has also served to isolate this village.”

“The people are La Tah and the village comprises of 36 households with a population of 166. It is built on a spur high above the valley floor thus flat land is at a premium. The water supply is a natural spring. An on-site observation was the large number of infants still in mother’s arms. The villagers have built a small bamboo ‘hut’ which serves as a school on village community land.”

“The state authorities provide two teachers who live in the village but need to take the 2.5 hour walk out to receive pay and supplies.  At a village meeting the leaders asked UWS if we could support them in building a more substantial 3 classroom school using local wood. Roof plates and furniture would have to be transported into the village.”

Chris Howarth, November 2013

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Woman and baby Mae Yay Village Myanmar

Woman and future pupil, Mae Yay Village Myanmar

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Children Mae Yay Village, Myanmar