UWS Korng Nork School, Cambodia

The first UWS school, Korng Nork was built and opened in 2008 with support from the Howarth family and their friends. To this day, the school’s running costs are sponsored by friends of the family.

UWS Korng Nork School is located in the Vernsai region of Ratanakiri and serves families of the Kavet tribe, one of the smaller groups in the area. The school is family-based, with a father and daughter in teaching roles.

Attendance varies between 30 and 120 pupils per day, with lower numbers occurring during the planting and harvesting periods. Through the village’s School Support Committee, we are aiming to improve this in the coming year.

Currently, the newly resourced library and self-learning centre, which aim to improve literacy, are being used well. Plans for the upcoming year include appointing a local woman as a librarian. We will also be equipping all students with their own UWS school bag, containing an exercise book, basic stationery and crayons for drawing.

As we head into 2014/15, more work is needed to support the development of this school and its community. We’re looking forward to seeing what the year ahead brings!

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UWS Korng Nork School Specific Improvement Priorities, 2014/15

The school budget for 2014/15 is $8,000

All figures shown are in US $.

  • Ongoing maintenance – $2,000 (including replacing the roof of the school building and installing solar power).
  • Updating learning equipment – $2,000
  • Improving library resources – $500
  • Ongoing teacher support, training and development – £1,000
  • Individual school bags and stationery @ $2 per student – $500

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Kor Nork School with Local Teachers and UWS Volunteer Teaching Assistants, Ratanakiri, Cambodia