UWS Kaung Whatt School, Myanmar

UWS Kaung Whatt, sponsored by Stuart Fletcher and family, is currently under construction, and will open in early 2015. The community have previously run a basic school from a communal building, which, due to a lack of resources, is now in disrepair. The project will rebuild the community school on this site and ensure the 150 children in the village are able to gain an education.

Update February 2015: We’re up and running!


Why Kaung Whatt?

“Kaung Whatt is a 2.5 hour journey from Phekhong and comprises of 132 households with a population of 640+. It is an impressive village which appears well organised and maintained.”

“The people are of the Kayan  La–Htach tribe. It is surrounded by steep jungle covered hills, and all available land is used for agriculture. A crowded village meeting was held where all UWS conditions were agreed.”

“The village has a wooden school structure which is in need of repair and renovation. There are no sections or classrooms and resources are minimal: a few benches but no visible teaching equipment. The building could be renovated, replacing most of the upright supports and painting the tin roof, giving perhaps a further 10 years of life. There is already a water supply. There are two government teachers who live in good community supported teacher houses.”

Chris Howarth, UWS Founder, November 2013

UWS needs you!

UWS depends on the kind support of partners and we would love it if you’d join us in our mission to teach the unreached.

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Kaung Whatt