Happy New Year – Here’s UWS in Numbers from 2014

Happy New Year!

Many thanks for all your support and encouragement in 2014. It’s been a great year for UWS and (more importantly) for the communities we serve in Cambodia and Myanmar.

It’s also been a busy year! 12 months ago we set ourselves the ambitious goal of having 24 schools up and running by the end of 2014. One year on, we’ve actually exceeded this goal, with 26 schools now open (or ready to open), with more on the way.

If you’ll excuse a little self-indulgence… here’s UWS in Numbers from 2014:

In 2014 we’ve extended our reach to over 5,000 young people across 26 UWS Schools in 2 countries of which 14 were built or opened in the last 12 months.

Lesson in action, UWS Ka Narng Ket, Cambodia

Meanwhile we’ve recruited 8 new team members in the UK, Cambodia and Myanmar, who support the 48 government sponsored teachers working in the UWS Schools alongside the UWS trained 56 community teachers and librarians. They work in partnership with 220 School Support Committee members and 6 district education officers.

And let’s not forget vital efforts of 86 different volunteers and 19 UWS Council members, as well as our dedicated 25 Partner Schools based in 10 different countries.

Teaching in action UWS Ka Narng Ket Cambodia

A UWS Partner school volunteer teaching in UWS Ka Narng Ket, Cambodia

As a result we’ve added 3,500 library and textbooks to the UWS classrooms, taught around 40,000 lessons as well as handing out 1,200 school bags containing over 18,000 pieces of stationery and workbooks.

Meanwhile 65 ‘graduates’ from 6 different UWS schools are now attending high school, staying in our brand new ‘Susy Q’ dormitory block during the week, and returning to their villages at weekends.

Oh, and once we’ve opened a UWS School, this can be done for less than £1 per student per week.

None of this can happen without you, our kind and committed supporters. So once again, thank you. There’s lots more we can do in 2015. And with your continued support, we will.

With best wishes for 2015,
Team UWS
Tim Howarth
Chief Operations Officer
United World Schools

Group of laughing school girls Dor Village Cambodia

Group of laughing school girls Dor Village Cambodia