UWS Hang Svart School

The village of Hang Svart in located in the Stung Treng Province of Cambodia (GPS co-ordinates: 13’32 ’44” N 106’3 ’23″E).

The village is home to over 150 families from the Lao tribe. The community speak their own indigenous language and very few of the parents can speak the national language of Khmer. The community are all engaged in subsistence rice farming and face multiple issues including high infant mortality.

The community previously had a building designated as a school but it was totally unsafe; the teachers were untrained and attendance was irregular from both students and staff. The introduction of a UWS School in July 2016 has totally changed the education prospects of the entire village. Alongside a completely new school we have also built a safe water source and toilets. The outcome of this is that the children will live longer, healthier lives with the ability to access opportunities outside of the village. The school is partnered with The Falcons School for Girls.