UWS Dor School, Cambodia

UWS Dor School is one of our newest projects. The construction of the building finished this summer and the school will officially open for its first term in October 2014.

We are very excited by the new school at Dor. Our key priority for UWS Dor School is to embed the school within the wider village community. This process has already begun with help from Concultures in Germany, who supported us to run a well-attended 4-day education project in the school.

It is key that we support families to develop the habit of attending school. This involves making the school facilities as well resourced as possible. The school at Dor now has 3 classrooms, solar power, a teacher house and toilets. We hope to build a new well in the dry season. Plans also include providing each pupil with their own UWS school bag, containing an exercise book, basic stationery and crayons for drawing.

Thanks to the fundraising support of pupils, staff and parents at the British School in Tokyo, preparation for the new academic year is well underway. We’re looking forward to working with BST to further support the development of the Dor community.

Here’s to 2014/15!

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UWS Dor School Specific Improvement Priorities, 2014/15

The school budget for 2014/15 is $8,000.

All figures shown are in US $.

  • Community well – $2,000
  • Teaching resources and learning equipment – $2,000
  • Ongoing teacher support, development and training – $1,000
  • Individual schools bags and stationery @ $2 per student – $500

UWS needs you!

UWS depends on the kind support of partners like BST and we would love it if you’d join us in our mission to teach the unreached.

If you’re interested in supporting our work, please get in touch via [email protected].

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