People are, and have always been, at the centre of what we do. For every UWS School that is built, there is a wonderful community behind it and a fantastic team doing everything they can to ensure its success. UWS Hurpa School is no different.

From the very first day local people have welcomed our team, supported our builders, volunteered to help, set up classrooms, applied to become teachers, and made lots of cups of tea. Without these people there would be no school, and without your support there would be no UWS Team on the ground making it happen. Thank you!

Community Action:

To celebrate the opening of our 100th UWS School, our Nepal Team have organised a colourful makeover of the school’s interior and arranged for a local carpenter to build a special reading corner for students. Families and community leaders have also been involved setting up the school, moving in benches and desks to prepare for the new term, and offering to build a playground.

Of the six teachers joining the new primary school, two are women from the village who have been trained up by UWS Nepal. We are delighted to welcome them to our UWS Team, and will providing them with on-going support throughout their development.

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Meet Hurpa’s First E.O!

An Education Officer (E.O) supports a school’s educational development. They train teachers, deliver resources, and visit the school every two weeks to monitor its progress, even if it takes them 12 hours to walk there (they’re basically superheroes).

Before UWS, Sapana worked at another NGO that supported small communities near her home town, Kathmandu. Sapana is passionate about showing children the path to a better future, and loves the opportunity UWS gives her to support several communities across Nepal. She now lives in Mude Village, Eastern Nepal, supporting communities like Hurpa village as an Education Officer.

Following the really successful development of Majhua and Mude schools, we know UWS Hurpa School is in safe hands.