Spotlight on Seng Ven, UWS Community Teacher, Cambodia

Seng Ven is 39 years old, married with 3 children, one boy and two girls. He was born in Takok Phnong village, Oy Ya Dai District, Ratanakiri and is a member of the Phnong ethnic group. As a boy he was fortunate enough to be able to attend school 20 km away in Bor Koe District where he learned basic reading and writing. As a child, he particularly enjoyed hunting for wild chicken and birds. At the age of 11 when trapping chickens he climbed a local waterfall and fell badly breaking his hip and leg. Being from a poor village family there was no means to give him the necessary medical attention for his leg – it mended badly and he has walked with the aid of sticks ever since. As an adult he worked on his small farm growing cassava and rice.

In 2010 we visited the village and decided to support a new school for the village. We got to know Seng Ven and asked him to work in the UWS School as a community teacher. At the time he was a shy, very thin man who was dependent on home-made crutches. We purchased new crutches on our next visit to Phnom Penh.

With the help of his colleague Lun, a more experienced community teacher, he soon developed his talent and became a much respected teacher. He has a softly spoken, relaxed approach which gets the best out of the more nervous ethnic minority children.

Today, Seng Ven is a committed, talented teacher. Despite their lack of official qualifications, both Ven and Lun to jointly take charge of the school and do a brilliant job

UWS Takok Phnong now has 4 classrooms and three teachers. It is always well attended. Seng Ven teaches the grade 2 class and tutors older students in the evenings, opening the library when possible.

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Seng Ven, UWS Takok Phnong School

Seng Ven, UWS Takok Phnong School