A report from Cambodia by UWS volunteers Cora and Lizzie

Cora and Lizzie, from our Partner School Red Maids’ in Bristol, have been long term supporters of UWS. In addition to their ambassadorial and fund-raising efforts, they volunteered as part of the UWS Cambodia Team from October – December 2014.

Cora and Lizzie write:

Having had time to reflect on our trip in Cambodia, the first thing we always mention is just how unbelievably incredible it was. We were thrown in headfirst by Chris and the team, and were soon sent out to UWS Takok Charai School and UWS Takok Phnong School to code the books in the new classroom libraries and get a general feel for the task ahead of us. As of this academic year, the children in Cambodia have to start learning English from the 4thgrade, so we were also designing and making several games and posters to supplement the library project.”

“We had to come up with resources that were easy to recreate, yet were engaging for the children. We settled on making three main posters focusing on the body, nationalities and colours. Wherever we arrived there was an influx of children. They were always excited to see us and would immediately become engrossed with what was going up on the wall.”

Cora and Lizzie with Children in Cambodia

Cora (left) and Lizzie(right) with UWS students at a UWS school in Cambodia


“This was also the same with the books, which sometimes proved challenging as we would be trying to code the books and they would pick them up to read. It was strange to see something we considered so simple considered so captivating, and emphasised why we were there.  Along with the libraries we made resources to go in them: these featured a number-pairs game, a colour and shapes game, and the classic snakes and ladders. We had a great time teaching the children these, and spent many hours playing with them and the teachers, engaging them in the whole library experience.”

“We want to thank UWS for providing us with the opportunity to take part in the incredible work they do in Ratanakiri. We left feeling both sad to go but inspired to continue with our support for such a worthwhile cause.”

Cora and Lizzie’s volunteering in Cambodia was entirely self-funded and they were selected from the large number of offers we receive from volunteers based on their long-term support for UWS.

To support UWS, and recognise Cora and Lizzie’s efforts, you can donate via Cora and Lizzie‘s Just Giving pages.