About United World Schools

United World Schools build basic primary schools to provide education for out-of-school children in remote post-conflict areas, we teach the unreached.

We can’t do this without your help and each of our UWS Schools are partnered with schools or universities in the UK or overseas.


What is a University Partnership?

We partner each of our UWS Schools with a specific community in either Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal. Our partnerships are reciprocal and tailored to suit you and your university.

Why Get Involved?

  • Visit your UWS Community School: We arrange for students to visit and teach at their UWS School and to take part in a life changing experience. This offers students a chance to contribute further and spend time with a remote and marginalised community whom they have brought education to.
  • Unique educational opportunities: We offer talks and seminars and regular updates from your UWS School, as well as real life case-studies for a variety of fields such as International Development.
  • See your impact: By ensuring that your University is partnered with a specific UWS School we offer more than just an anonymous example. You see the unique background, history and culture of your UWS community and gain the latest images and reports from some of the most remote and impoverished communities in the world.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Taking ownership of a UWS fundraising partnership through your University is a great way to show future employers your creative and organisational skills, as well as demonstrating a knowledge, understanding and empathy for different cultures and communities.

Make your rag week count

Fundraising is fun, rewarding and a great opportunity to meet lots of new people. From fashion shows to sports events, there are plenty of imaginative ways to raise money.

Whether it’s raising £10 or £10,000, organising a cake sale or running a marathon – we know everyone has different demands on their time and energy and are grateful for any fundraising you do.

UWS schools are entirely funded by donations.

Seek inspiration from some of these universities’ outstanding ideas:

Loughborough University

  • Hosted the biggest annual RAG (Raise and Give) university conference to date in 2012, and consequently the biggest fireworks show in Leicestershire.
  • Opened a pioneering RAG charity shop, staffed entirely by their students.

Hertfordshire University

  • Hosted a zombie chase through campus. Arts students handled costume design and make-up, drama students played the part of zombies and their victims while the student TV channel documented the chase. 250 students took part in the chase and the event raised £500.

There’s no reason why your university couldn’t do something similar or different to raise money.

Seek inspiration from some of these UWS Fundraisers’ outstanding ideas:

Here’s a few examples from our fundraising page of how UWS supporters have raised money for UWS:


Contact Us

Join us and become a Partner University.  Arrange a conversation with our School Partnership Director, Jack Clark, by contacting [email protected]

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