What is a School Partnership?

Through school partnership we can transform the lives of 50,000 out-of-school children by 2018. Each of our Partner Schools are twinned with a specific UWS Community School serving some of the poorest communities on earth.

Our partnerships are reciprocal and tailored to suit your students and your UWS Community School.

Why Get Involved?

  • Bring the Partnership alive: A UWS partnership can bring real educational benefits to your Primary School. We offer assemblies with regular pictures and updates to bring your partnership to life.
  • A unique learning experience: By ensuring that your school is partnered with a specific UWS School, we offer more than just an anonymous example. Students are able to better understand the lives of children their own age living far away, and their desire for an education.
  • Sense of achievement: We provide regular stories from your UWS School so that students can see directly the impact they are having on the lives of others
  • Develop leaders: Students lead the fundraising for their UWS School, learning more about commitment, empathy, responsibility and leadership.
  • Global Citizenship: UWS recognises and rewards your schools commitment with Global Citizenship badges. These offer a flexible framework to meet the age and needs of individual students.
  • Stakeholder recognition: Parents and school inspectors have been overwhelmingly positive about UWS partnerships, citing both the benefits of primary school students witnessing and being a part of effective philanthropy, and the attractiveness of this unique learning experience.

“I found this really fun and interesting, especially when we got to see pictures and videos of the kids in our school. I really hope we made a difference in all the children’s lives.”

Faith Murray

Student, St Christopher Primary School, Bahrain

Our Year 4 pupils contribute to fund raising opportunities throughout the year as part of our “Go Global united world school’s” school building a school project in Cambodia.

Janet Ingham

Year 4 Year Leader, St Christopher's School, Bahrain

Join the UWS Global Citizenship Badge Scheme

The UWS Global Citizenship badge is just one way we recognise and reward active Global Citizens who believe in making a difference and who support the UWS movement.

If you would like to learn more about the UWS Global Citizenship Badge scheme contact Jack at [email protected].

For a sample of materials included, download the Student Guide to the UWS Global Citizenship Badge scheme.

Download the Sample Student Guide

Sample Student Guide to the UWS Global Citizenship Badge Thumbnail

Contact Us

Join us and become a Partner School.  Arrange a conversation with our School Partnership Director, Jack Clark, by contacting [email protected]

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Photo Credit: Anna Willett