International Schools and School Partnership with UWS

At United World Schools (UWS) we provide education to children in remote and vulnerable  communities.

We only work with those communities who are desperately seeking an education but where no meaningful provision can be provided by the state. Since 2009, through our school partnerships model, we have seen over 5,000 children receive an education, 33 UWS Schools built and 70 indigenous teachers trained.

We are looking to educate 50,000 children by 2018 and would like to partner your school with a specific UWS School in either Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal.

Partnerships are tailored to fit your school’s situation. The majority of our partners fundraise to meet the running cost of their UWS School (just $8,000 a year). Others prefer to take on specific projects from building a library to a whole school. Partnerships provide educational benefits to both schools.

For a UWS Community, the partnership and the access to education it provides mean jobs, as well as protection from the prevailing dangers of child trafficking and high infant mortality.

As a Partner School you gain insight and access to remote communities, where student action can have recognisable and tangible impact.  These benefits are further described in the table opposite.

I would be delighted to speak with you or a member of your staff about the impact we are having and the opportunity to partner your school.

Jack Clark, UWS Partner School Director

Partner Schools Benefits

Insight into another culture

We provide your students with an insight into a very different life and education experience  from their own:

  • UWS provide regular updates, photos and stories from your UWS School
  • UWS provide the materials for assemblies on the issues your UWS Community is facing and the impact your partnership is having
  • UWS support school visits to your UWS School
  • UWS facilitate Gap Year opportunities for your students as well as teacher exchange.

Tangible impact

We provide a low cost model that delivers huge impact in vulnerable communities and we recognise the actions of our Partner Schools:

  • UWS provide an education for a child for less than a $1/week
  • UWS provide Global Citizenship badges

Current International School Partners

Internationally we have Partner Schools across Europe as well as in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the United States. Current Partner Schools include The British School in Tokyo, St Louis School of Milan, St Christopher’s School Bahrain as well as United World Colleges; Li Po Chun and Atlantic College.  We also have partners in the UK including Eton College.

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Join us and become a Partner School.  Arrange a conversation with our School Partnership Director, Jack Clark, by contacting [email protected] For more on school partnership:

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