Partner School Update March 2015

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Hello from Jack, UWS School Partnerships Director

Welcome to the first Partner School Newsletter.

The aim is to provide Partner Schools and our supporters with the latest information on UWS, inform you of any new opportunities as well as keeping you abreast of what’s going on in the Partner School network.

Having started in November as School Partnerships Director, it feels like the last four months have disappeared in a whirlwind of school visits and assemblies.

It has been wonderful to speak to many of you and the highlight for me so far has been a life-changing trip to Northern Cambodia to visit 16 of our UWS Community Schools.

Your partnerships really are changing the lives of children in these communities; as a former teacher I have never seen education so highly and rightly valued.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the two minute UWS video is a great overview of the impact you are having.

Who are the UWS School Partners?

We are lucky enough to have 27 School Partners, some stretching all the way back to 2008. You can view more about each partner on the School Partner page of our website.

If your details aren’t there then please do get in touch with a ‘blurb’ about your school as we would love to have you all represented.

Fundraising Update

Student Fiona Chui of UWC Li Po Chun Hong Kong performing at the E³ Charity Concert for UWS in 2013

Student Fiona Chui of UWC Li Po Chun Hong Kong performing at the E³ Charity Concert for UWS in 2013


The team at UWS are constantly amazed by the creativity of our Partner Schools and we wanted to share a few of the innovative fundraising ideas we have heard over the last few weeks. There are lots of other ideas in our School Partnership Pack and do get in touch if you are planning something creative, as it’s great to share with the wider UWS network:

  • Cough up Romeo: Kings Education LA Campus decided to sell red roses for UWS on Valentine’s Day
  • Build your own School: Sarah Bonnell School encouraged visitors, staff or parents to ‘sponsor a brick’. Each donor got their name on a cardboard brick which, when all together, resembled the shape of their UWS Community School.
  • Development through dinner: Holland House, Eton College held a House dinner for parents with the donations all going to UWS

Student Awards

Teaching in action UWS Ka Narng Ket Cambodia

A UWS Partner school volunteer teaching in UWS Ka Narng Ket, Cambodia

We have seen a huge interest in our Global Citizenship Badges with the whole of Yr 7 & 8 at Poynton High School aiming to gain their Bronze Badge this year.

The badges are a recognition for those students who engage with their school’s UWS partnership.

UWS and the International Baccalaureate

Volunteer helping art lesson, UWS Ka Narng Ket, Cambodia

Volunteer helping out art lessons, UWS Ka Narng Ket, Cambodia

A number of our schools are doing the IB and using their UWS partnership to cover elements of the Learner Profile. Our website gives more details and provides an example of an Extended Essay based on the school’s partnership with UWS.

If you have examples of when you have built your school partnership with UWS into the curriculum we would love to feature it on our website.

Thank You!

All that is left is to thank you for being the cornerstone of UWS.

Without you we couldn’t have built 27 schools and provided education for more than 5,000 children.

We continue to grow, aiming by 2018 to provide 50,000 children with a meaningful education for the first time.

If you know any schools who might be interested in a partnership with UWS then please do put them in touch at [email protected].

Whats Next

The next Partner School newsletter will be during the Summer Term but do get in touch in the meantime if you want to know more about the opportunities listed here or to let us know what other features you would like future newsletters to cover.

On behalf of everyone at UWS, thank you for your continued support.

Jack Clark
School Partnership Director


Children waving outside a UWS school in Cambodia

Children waving outside a UWS school in Cambodia