Our Favourite Fundraising Activities in 2016… so far!

We have over 50 School Partners each fundraising for their specific UWS School. Schools all fundraise in different ways, from the traditional bake sale to an entire festival focused on the celebration of Asian culture.

This year, UWS was the charity of choice for the Taal festival at Bancroft’s school. This amazing two-night event included performances of traditional Asian dance, a fashion show and a play.  The event was organised by the student body at Bancroft’s school and our School Partnership Director felt very privileged to attend, describing it as “an inspiring event showcasing the amazing creativity and capacity of young people”. The event also raised nearly £9000 for their UWS School Takok Charai.

Another inspiring fundraiser came from the Kings Education Hollywood campus, who took their students to live recordings of US TV shows. These recordings, while great fun, also raise money for UWS. The experience can sometimes take over five hours so studios agree to pay attendees to ensure they stay for the length of the recording and can be counted on to laugh and cheer at the right times. The Hollywood campus have run regular trips with all the money from the studios going towards the two Kings Education UWS Schools, Kro Lorng and Kapin. One student even got the celebrity Ashton Kutcher to sign her arm while at the recording, captured in the photo below.

Article 5_Picture_ Ashton Kutcher signed my arm for UWS

If you want to find out more about becoming a School Partner, take a look here.