Ökumenisches Gymnasium raises €19,000 for Sreh Tah

This month Amelie von Borries of ConCultures describes how a school in Bremen made a huge difference to a UWS school in Cambodia.

What a brilliant idea to go hiking with friends, families and teachers, enjoying nature, talking and chatting while at the same time supporting deprived children who have never been to school before.  750 students, parents and teachers of the Ökumenisches Gymnasium in Bremen walked up to 14 miles and raised a phenomenal €19,000.  Frida Lentschig visited and worked at UWS Sreh Tah School in Cambodia last October with a team of volunteers, organised by our German partner ConCultures.   She commented:

“I left Sreh Tah wishing to be able to do more for the children who were so happy and eager to learn and I’m proud that I managed to convince the whole school community.  We all want to do more.”

We look forward to hearing of many more memorable moments from Ökumenisches Gymnasium and ConCultures.