Official Opening of the UWS Susy Q Dormitory, Cambodia

Our primary focus and mission is to ‘teach the unreached’, and provide a basic primary education to children who otherwise would never see the inside of a classroom.

In working with each community to establish primary schools we see cycles of poverty being broken. Through the simple opportunity of being able to go to school, we see children’s lives and communities being transformed.

And yet after four or five years, we are presented with a problem – and it’s a good problem to have. What can we offer the students who have ‘graduated’ from a UWS Community School, and are looking to continue their education to (and beyond) high school level, when there is no high school in their village?

Thanks to the generosity of Evan Quiros, a long term UWS donor, we’ve built and just opened a dormitory block in the Oya Dai District of Ratanakiri, Cambodia. This block is adjacent to the Secondary School in Oya Dai, and will allow 80 boys and girls from nearby UWS schools to continue their formal education for a further three years – and to gain a high school graduation certificate.

The secondary school students commute to Oya Dai each week from their villages, typically a three hour journey each way, returning to their communities at the weekends. The students stay (for free) at the Susy Q Dormitory, looked after by the husband and wife team who are based at the Dormitory. We are covering all the costs of this pilot project.

Based on this pilot, we will be able to extend and develop this block in years to come, to allow more students to continue their education beyond primary level. A high school education opens the doors to formal employment and vocational pathways. This is key to the future prosperity of each of the villages we support as we look to develop and empower the community leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

UWS needs you!

UWS depends on the kind support of friends and partners and we would love it if you’d join us in our mission to teach the unreached.

If you’re interested in supporting our work, please get in touch via [email protected].

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